music samples

Orchestral Soundtracks

An energetic orchestral piece full of mischievous vigor illustrating a moment of play.

The exotic and majestic beast exposed in this march for orchestra featuring piano. "Prokofiev style"

A mournful and dark theme for orchestra.

Intense and creepy suspenseful scene for string orchestra.  "Hitchcock style"

Plotting and sorryful piano piece with light orchestration.

Suspense from psychologically torn scene.  Piano with light orchestration.

Piano Soundtracks

The sad and lonely feeling of distance apart are illustrated in this piece. Piano with light orchestration.

Classical exposition into the emotions of loves from the distant past for piano.

Comic and light hearted piece in the stride piano style.

Jazz / Contemporary Samples

Mellow and smooth with cool jazz flavors in this traditional 50's era piece.

Smooth jazz number featuring trumpet, guitar, and piano.

A happy and energetic gallop in a vision of discovery focusing on piano and guitar.

Melancholy and introspective chill groove featuring trumpet and piano.

Pensive and resolute scape of a final battle wrapped in a smooth jazz groove with sax, violin, and keys.

Uplifting piano based smooth jazz. Picture setting off on an adventure full of excitement and anticipation.

A cover of the song from the seventies written for the movie The Exorcist. Atmospheric piano with embellishments.