2016 - ChiKids! The Protection Animals

The Protection Animals is a collection of five songs that represent the protection animals for the each of the five directions of Taoist cosmology and is based on the Medical Chi Kung teachings of Tao Master, Mantak Chia.  The songs are a fusion of ethnic world sounds and modern grooves creating a strong imagery of the mythical protectors.  The songs are being completed for the non-profit, Chi Kids Incorporated with 20% going towards their programs. Meditative spoken word and lyrics by internationally renown Medical Chi Kung educator, Sarina Stone.  Vocal performances by Karen Johnson, Shelly Domke  and Quincy Young with guitar work by Stephen Slater. Release date is early 2017.

2016 - Distance 20th Anniversary Edition

It was a snowy December in 1996 when Distance was recorded at Paisley Park Studios.  Seems like yesterday. To celebrate the original release, all of the songs are being re-recorded with new interpretations for digital download as a special 20th anniversary edition.  Songs will be available in two different solo piano and enhanced versions. Stan is going through and examining each composition and applying fresh introspective performances that only 20 years of life can peal away.  Look for it later in 2017 for download.

2010 - Nothing Personal (Movie)

A manipulative novelist who says whatever he likes is married to a timid wife who has been pushed into an open marriage. Her friend is overweight, lazy and dating a perfectionist with an eating disorder. These two relationships clash and combine into the film Nothing Personal.